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Ken Sinclair

well done you have superb Lhasa’s and you are a very clever breeder, much respect.

Geoff Corish

Three lines that go back to Fresno.

Michaela Hall

Geoff Corish that’s why they are so special

Clive Harrold

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Lorraine Whitcombe Shoemark

Congratulations lovely old lines there xx

Monika Monia

Welcome babies out of a very unique combination

Joanne Dodd

I love it when a plan comes together x congratulations x

Heading 5
Heading 5
Heading 5
These days we don’t have the large breeders of yesteryears, however it is rather nice to read the comments from enthusiasts within our breed who understands pedigrees, but humbling to read what some of the doyen’s of our breed wrote about this litter who truly know and understand the Lhasa Apso and their pedigrees
Heading 5
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