Champion Shenedene Don Carlos
Champion  Shenedene R U Lookin at Me
Champion Shenedene Miss World
Int Champion  & GB Champion Shenedene All About Me
Sealaw Been Dreaming Again at Shenedene
Champion & Fin Champion Dimara Miss Izzabella at Shenedene
Champion Yakee Jerry At Trick
Champion Jia Lidzhuan for Shenedene
Magic Prince AzurowaAmhara at Shenedene
Champion Shenedene Paloma Faith
Vinnie 9 months old.jpg
Shenedene Trade Secret

Dogs that came to visit us from oversea's

Multi International Am & GB Ch Chic Choix Ta Sen Knockout
Multi International Ch Chic Choix My Man Ashley
Multi International  Ch Fly Fly Surprise Me